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Sharon San Art was started by Sharon Liew, a freelance designer and illustrator in Singapore, fuelled by her passion in the arts.



Hey Sharon! I received the artwork today. It’s so nice I love it. And Aria loves it so much too!! She conveys her thanks :)

- Steffi Lau

Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for the drawing of my family portrait! I like it very much. :) Thank you so much for the timelapse video :) omg so much work has gone into the making of the illustration.

This is really amazing. You have such great gift. The thank you note is so thoughtful and personal. This just show what an amazing lady you are. I really appreciate this. My whole family love it. I only hear wow…so nice… pretty.. all eyes pop big. Thankful.

So so so happy with this! @sharonsanart is so good I love how cute we all look…

- Pea Neo

- Deon Koh

- Patricia Tan

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